Upon receiving a successful deposit/withdrawal transaction, Cobo will notify a client-designated URL via HTTP(S), and request method is POST. The message includes the transaction data in the HTTP message body in JSON format. After the client receives and finishes processing the message, they must send an HTTP response with status code = 200 and http body = ok to Cobo. Otherwise, we will continue to push the same message to the designated URL (up to 14 times, if you want to re-send the push later, you could click on ‘Resend’ Button on Web: Wallet - API Callback - API Push History)

If block confirmation status is chosen in web platform, there will be a notification whenever the block confirmation number changes for one transaction, the status is marked as ‘pending’, the confirmation number and ’ confirming_threshold’ will be included. Each notification (for each number change) will be sent only once.

If you want to check Cobo pubkey to verify Cobo signature, please go to: Web management platform - Wallet - API Callback. (NOTICE they’re different in Development&Production environment)


  "id": "20201207150724000192033000003701",
  "coin": "TRON",
  "display_code": "TRX",
  "description": "TRON",
  "decimal": 6,
  "address": "TZAt997umXasPUfxUZYKQKcGwjmYpJzX6V",
  "source_address": "TWDchZBmYvTQBeXD4w8rRUowDv5ka8kiFU",
  "side": "deposit",
  "amount": "1",
  "abs_amount": "0.000001",
  "txid": "6c2df6f6cf7fe8fe1e8559c11679a5a5b90768d1c128ffb3dd66d6f3cb910775",
  "vout_n": 0,
  "request_id": null,
  "status": "success",
  "abs_cobo_fee": "0",
  "created_time": 1607324928585,
  "last_time": 1607324928585,
  "confirmed_num": 27,
  "tx_detail": {
    "txid": "6c2df6f6cf7fe8fe1e8559c11679a5a5b90768d1c128ffb3dd66d6f3cb910775",
    "blocknum": 25660684,
    "blockhash": "0000000001878d0c83fb9640712d3354a0a1912dfd5884959d3c1a16b6f62e1c",
    "hexstr": ""
  "source_address_detail": "TWDchZBmYvTQBeXD4w8rRUowDv5ka8kiFU",
  "confirming_threshold": 27,
  "type": "external"

Cobo receives a deposit of 0.000001 TRX to address TZAt997umXasPUfxUZYKQKcGwjmYpJzX6V. The transaction hash is 6c2df6f6cf7fe8fe1e8559c11679a5a5b90768d1c128ffb3dd66d6f3cb910775. If the address belongs to a Cobo client, Cobo will send an HTTP post request to the client-designated URL with the body ->


  1. After clients receive a notification from Cobo, they need to call the Cobo transaction query interface with the ID from the notification to confirm the transaction’s validity. Clients should not rely on push message to confirm deposits or withdrawals.

  2. For ‘successful transaction’ notifications, Cobo use a ‘succeed at least once’ strategy. If the client does not respond with a ‘body data ok’ or HTTP request timeout message, Cobo will consider the push as failed. After a while, we will push again. However, there is a limit for push attempts. It the limit is exceeded, it will be marked as a failed push.

  3. For ‘pending transaction’ notifications, Cobo will only send once when the confirmation number changes. No response required from client.

  4. For ‘success transaction’ notifications, Cobo will not push the confirmation number changes any more.

  5. Use ID as unique key for each transaction, and lock your DB, in case of duplicate accounting for one transaction.

  6. We recommend you to use https and Cobo pubkey for signature verification. (please refer to our SDK)