"id": "",
  "coin": "LONT_ONT",
  "display_code": "LONT",
  "description": "ONT Local net",
  "address": "AJ6SScHEiXt8stDXjaUvTPKJwVGkJL4F3J",
  "side": "withdraw",
  "amount": "5",
  "abs_amount": "5",
  "decimal": 0,
  "txid": "d9fb6178ce2ddab6ab55894947640e469021473757e42f66652c06b58daf1419",
  "vout_n": 0,
  "request_id": "test_request_id",
  "status": "pending",
  "created_time": 1537843965164,
  "last_time": 1537843965164

Upon receiving a withdrawal request, Cobo will check it by notifing a client-designated URL via HTTP(S), and request method is POST. The message includes the withdrawal request data in the HTTP message body in JSON format. After the client receives and finishes checking the message, they must send an HTTP response with status=200 and http body = ok(or deny) to Cobo. Otherwise, we will continue to push the same message to the designated URL.


  1. An isolated server (e.g. risk monitor) should be used for the withdrawal confirmation in case of SPOF.

  2. Please check the request_id、to_addr、amount for each withdraw request to verify if it’s a normal request.

  3. We recommend you to use https and Cobo pubkey for signature verification. (please refer to our SDK)