Cobo Safe is an open-source access control framework for smart contract wallets. Developed by Cobo, this framework allows the Owner of a smart contract wallet to delegate certain operations (e.g., transferring tokens, interacting with specific smart contracts) to the Delegate. The Delegate can then perform authorized wallet operations on behalf of the Owner.

The Cobo Safe framework includes the following components:

  • Cobo Account: The wrapper of a smart contract wallet in the Cobo Safe framework.
  • Owner: A privileged user who owns the smart contract wallet. The Owner can delegate Permissions to other users (i.e., Delegates) in a Cobo Safe framework.
  • Delegate: A user of least privilege in a Cobo Safe framework. The Delegates can only perform wallet operations as authorized by the Owner.
  • Permission: The authority granted within a Cobo Account. In other words, a user’s ability to initiate certain Ethereum transactions from the smart contract wallet.
  • Role: Each Role is associated with a set of Permissions. The Owner can pre-configure a set of Permissions for each Role, and then delegate a Role to the Delegate with the help of a Role Manager.
  • Role Manager: A module that is used to manage each Delegate and its Role.Only the Owner is authorized to modify the settings of a Role Manager. In general, each Cobo Account will only have one Role Manager.
  • Authorizer: A module that is used to examine the Permissions granted to a Delegate. The Authorizer will check the transactions sent by the Delegate according to the configuration of the Owner. Unauthorized transactions will be rejected by the Authorizer.

Cobo Safe ensures an easily adaptable and modular access control framework by combining built-in and customized Authorizers.

By leveraging Cobo Safe, Cobo Argus V2 effectively implements role-based access controls (RBAC) to enhance the transparency and flexibility in DeFi investments.