Cobo MPC Lite

Secure and AffordableMPC Self-Custody for
teams and companies of all sizes,

from just $99/month

Cobo MPC Lite

What isCobo MPC Lite?

Enterprise-grade self-custody solution powered byCobo's next-gen multi-party computation (MPC) technology

Every business, regardless of size, deserves access to enterprise-grade custody.That’s why we introduced Cobo MPC Lite – an MPC self-custody solution that is highly secure,easy to use, and radically affordable.

Start Light, Scale Fast

Features You’ll Love

Cobo MPC Lite Feature1: Military-Grade SecurityMilitary-Grade Security

Rest easy knowing that your digital assets are safeguarded using Cobo’s cutting-edge MPC technology and battle-tested security measures, and always 100% in your control.

Cobo MPC Lite Feature2: Pay-As-You-GrowPay-As-You-Grow

Say goodbye to hefty custody fees. Enjoy institutional-grade custody at startup-friendly prices from just $99/month, and only pay for services you need.

Cobo MPC Lite Feature3: Customizable Wallet FeaturesCustomizable Wallet Features

Customize your wallet to fit your unique requirements – define role-based access controls, approval workflows, thresholds, whitelists and more.

Cobo MPC Lite Feature4: Quick SetupQuick Setup

Get up and running in minutes with our hassle-free onboarding. No lengthy KYC or complex technical installation needed.

Cobo MPC Lite Feature5: User-Friendly Interface and Mobile AppUser-Friendly Interface and Mobile App

Manage your digital assets with ease anytime, anywhere.
Our intuitive platform and mobile app simplifies asset management so you can focus on growing your business.

Cobo MPC Lite Feature6: Unparalleled Web3 AccessUnparalleled Web3 Access

Connect to a multitude of DApps and protocols including DeFi, NFTs, DAOs and more. Manage your diverse portfolio all in one platform with our comprehensive multi-chain support.

Ready to experience the benefits of Cobo MPC Lite?

Starter Package$99 / Month
  1. $100K Outgoing Transfer Volume
  2. $100K Assets Under Custody
  3. 2,000 Wallet Addresses
  4. 5,000 API Calls
  5. 3 Users
Enterprise PackagesNeed more?

For enterprises that require dedicated support services and higher usages

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Cobo MPC Lite?

  • Cobo MPC Lite is designed for teams and companies who are looking for an affordable institutional-grade self-custody solution. Whether you are a small startup, a mid-sized crypto fund, or a large enterprise, Cobo MPC Lite offers cost-effectiveness with no compromises on security and ease of use.

How can I get started with Cobo MPC Lite?

  • Getting started with Cobo MPC Lite is quick and easy. Simply click on Contact Us and a Cobo rep will be in touch with you.

How does the Cobo MPC Lite 14-day free trial work?

  • Cobo MPC Lite 14-day free trial allows you to experience the full functionality of our product, and enjoy all the benefits included in our Starter Package for a period of 14 days at absolutely no cost.
  • At any point in time, you may decide whether to convert to a paid user by clicking on the “Upgrade” button within the platform and continue using the services. Alternatively, if our product doesn't align with your needs, you can simply discontinue your usage with no strings attached.
  • Cobo MPC Lite 14-day free trial is completely cost-free, with no obligations or commitments. It’s an excellent way to explore our product’s capabilities and determine if it’s the right fit for your business before making a purchasing decision.
  • Take advantage of our free trial today and experience the power of Cobo MPC Lite firsthand.

What is MPC technology?

  • Multi-party computation (MPC) has emerged as the custody technology of choice for both traditional and crypto-native players seeking more control over their digital assets.
  • With MPC technology, the private key is split up, encrypted, and divided among multiple parties / devices, each blind to the other. This makes it significantly more challenging for malicious actors to seize control of assets as they would now need to successfully attack multiple points across different operating platforms and geographical locations simultaneously.

How does Cobo MPC Lite work?

  • Cobo MPC Lite is built on state-of-the-art MPC technology where private key-shares are individually generated in a secure environment, encrypted and divided among multiple parties. These parties will jointly sign transactions without ever exposing their individual key-share to one another. As such, the private key never exists in full at any point in time, eliminating the single point of failure and insulating user assets from internal and external attacks as well as human errors.

How does Cobo MPC Lite ensure security of user assets?

Cobo MPC Lite utilizes Cobo’s multi-layer security architecture to effectively combat against every attack vector and deliver the highest security to users:

  • MPC Technology: Cobo’s advanced MPC technology eliminates the single point of failure of the private key, protecting user assets from both external and internal attacks. Even if one key-share is compromised, assets remain secure and safeguarded from the attacker.
  • Hardware Isolation: Cobo MPC Lite operates in a trusted execution environment (TEE), ensuring that all of the codes and data are secured with the highest level of privacy and security.
  • Policy Engine: Cobo MPC Lite provides robust role-based access control and workflows tailored to the scale and needs of institutions. You can set up roles such as Admin, Spender, Approver and Operator to segregate user privileges. Also, you can apply governance policies through a customizable workflow engine such as amount limits, whitelists and threshold approvals.

What are the fees for Cobo MPC Lite?

  • Cobo MPC Lite offers cost-effectiveness with a $99/month starter package that comes with a set of usage inclusions (details above). For usage beyond these inclusions, overage fees apply.
  • There are no upfront costs or annual subscriptions. Our pay-as-you-grow, monthly billing model ensures that you only pay for services you use. It is designed to align perfectly with your business needs and goals. Start Lite, Scale Fast with Cobo MPC Lite today.

What is the difference between Cobo MPC Lite and Cobo’s other custody solutions?

  • As an omni-custody platform, Cobo offers a full range of custody solutions tailored to different needs.
  • Cobo MPC Lite is an affordable self-custody solution that leverages Cobo’s cutting-edge multi-party computation (MPC) technology. It empowers users to self-custody their digital assets at minimum cost and scale their operations quickly with no KYC requirements.
  • Cobo also offers custodial services for users who prefer to delegate the responsibility of safeguarding their assets to a trusted custodian, smart-contract custody (which is particularly useful for users who engage in DeFi and require customizable access controls and automation), as well as MPC co-managed custody where a third party provider, such as an insurance or security firm, will be enlisted for disaster recovery purposes to ensure business continuity and safety of funds at all times. For information on Cobo’s full suite of custody products, please contact us here.

How many chains and tokens does Cobo MPC Lite support?

  • Cobo MPC Lite currently supports 2,000+ tokens across 30+ chains, allowing for seamless integration with the majority of active public blockchains, and we are constantly expanding this list! You can click here to see the full list. Cobo’s MPC technology utilizes two signature schemes: Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) and Edwards-curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA).
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