Cobo SuperLoop

Off-Exchange Custodian and Settlement Network

Cobo SuperLoop (“SuperLoop”) is the world’s first off-exchange settlement network that allows institutions to trade on exchanges while maintaining full control of their funds using cutting-edge MPC-based co-managed custody.

How It Works

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Key Benefits


For Asset Managers: Trade on exchanges with greater confidence and efficiency

Minimize counterparty risk by removing the need to pre-fund on exchanges before trading

Maximize capital efficiency by deploying funds without the delays and risks of on-chain transfers


For Exchanges: Increase trading activity while mitigating counterparty risk

Attract more traders, bigger volumes without pre-funding requirements

Ensure traders can meet obligations before executing trades

Add another layer of security and meet regulatory requirements

Loop upgraded to SuperLoop

In 2019, Cobo launched Loop — the industry’s first clearing and settlement network — for members (e.g. exchanges, asset managers, etc.) to settle transactions off-chain instantly, without fees.

With the trust crisis in CEXs in 2022, exchanges and asset managers are at an impasse. To restore trading activity, Cobo upgraded Loop to SuperLoop to meet this pressing need.

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Getting Started

For Asset Managers

  • 1. Open an account under Cobo’s Full Custody solution or Co-managed MPC Custody solution
  • 2. Start trading on supported exchanges

For Exchanges

  • 1. Complete easy integration with Cobo (being a Cobo client is not a prerequisite)
  • 2. Start using SuperLoop
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