Cobo servers will return the following error data when encountering an error:

  "success": false,
  "error_code": 1000,
  "error_description": "Unknown internal error"

HTTP Status Code

Status CodeDescription
400Bad request
401Unauthorized – API key, signature, or timestamp is incorrect
403Forbidden – No access allowed
404Not Found – Requested resources not found
405Method Not Allowed – HTTP methods used not applicable to the requested resources
406Not Acceptable – Requested content format is not JSON
429Too Many Requests – Requests are limited, please reduce the request frequency
500Internal Server Error – Internal server error, please try again later
502Bad Gateway
503Service Unavailable – Service unavailable, please try again later

Error codes starting with 1

Error CodeDescription
1000Unknown internal error – Please contact Cobo
1001Signature missing, format error, or mismatch
1002Unsupported ‘method’ parameter
1003API params is missing or null
1004Unexpected parameters were provided
1005The nonce value is invalid
1006The parameter format or value is invalid
1007The current user lacks the necessary permissions
1010The request is too frequent
1011Invalid page_index value
1012Error request in the production environment
1013The hash passed by the API is inconsistent with the one calculated locally
1030Blacklisted user
1031Unsupported region
1040Errors related to access tokens
1050Deprecated API
1060No enough balance
1070cobo card kyc status

Error codes starting with 12

Error CodeDescription
12000Signature headers missing – API signature header is missing
12001Signature verification failed – API signature verification fail
12002Coin not supported
12003Permission denied
12004Transaction does not exist
12005Signature permission denied — API key does not have access
12006IP not in whitelist
12007Insufficient balance
12008Coin is suspended temporarily
12009Duplicate withdraw request id
12010Account has been frozen
12011Amount below coin dust
12012Invalid address
12013Address not in whitelist
12014Transaction fee invalid
12015Address does not exist
12016Insufficient Credit
12021duplicated signature
12022blockchain node API call error
12200staking product not exist
12201invalid staking amount
12202invalid staking status
12203Unsupported transfer from staking wallet