Cobo Custodial Wallet is built upon bank-grade security technologies such as Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX), that is battle tested in traditional financial industry. In comparison with Cobo MPC Wallet and Smart Contract Wallet, Cobo Custodial Wallet’s clients entrust their private keys to Cobo, which are stored in HSM and SGX based secure devices, and access their custodized assets via web interface, mobile apps or SaaS APIs.

Cobo Custodial Wallet is more tailored to insitutions from traditional finance industry or enterprises who don’t want to store and manage private keys by themseves. It offers a wide range of features, such as all-in-one solutoin to manage crypto assets across multiple blockchains and Wallet-as-a-Service API access etc.

Cobo Custodial Wallet has served more than 500 institutional clients since its launch in 2018. With a track record of zero security incident or breaches, our solution delivers the highest level of security, advanced risk management, and developer-friendly integration options.

Intuitive Custody Interface

Securely store and access over 80+ chains and 2,300+ tokens all on one simple interface.

Bank-Grade Security Features

Cobo Custodial Wallet employs a 3-tier (Hot-Warm-Cold) private key storage architecture, with a majority of funds (95%) stored in cold wallets. These wallets are fortified by offline key shards distributed across global locations, ensuring bank-grade security. For faster transactions, hot wallets are protected by bank-grade HSM, SGX, risk policies, and Cobo Auth. This comprehensive approach guarantees the highest level of security and transaction integrity.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Cobo Custodial Wallet offers an extensive risk control framework and real-time on-chain monitoring to effectively manage potential risks. Institutions can implement customized risk control rules, including spending limits, whitelists, blacklists, and IP monitoring.

Role-based Access Control and Custom Workflows

Cobo Custodial Wallet puts you in control by offering role-based access control and customizable workflows tailored to your institution’s scale and needs. You can define roles such as Admin, Spender, Approver, and Operator, segregating user privileges effectively. Additionally, our customizable workflow engine and transaction approval process enable the application of governance policies. Each operation is secured by Cobo Auth, a mobile app that provides multi-role and multi-level authentication for enhanced integrity.

Wallet-as-a-Service Support

Cobo Custodial Wallet provides a comprehensive crypto wallet infrastructure service via HTTP based SaaS APIs. Our Wallet-as-a-Service (WaaS) allows clients to seamlessly integrate an bank-grade wallet into their applications. With easy-to-use APIs and plug-and-play SDKs, developers can quickly build and deploy their applications with wallets supporting over 2,300 tokens across more than 80 chains. Cobo Custodial Wallet handles token sweeping, reducing the effort required for wallet development.

Easy-to-integrate SDKs

Cobo Custodial Wallet comes with easy-to-integrate client libraries in Python, JavaScript, Golang, Java, PHP for third-party developers to use. . This allows developers to quickly learn and integrate Cobo Custody SaaS Service into their applicaitons.