How to send coins?

To send coins, click the “Send” button next to the selected coin and fill in the relevant information in the pop-up window to complete the transfer to the designated receiving address.

  • From address: If you don't have a “from address” yet, click the “Receive” button next to the selected coin to create a new address. Kindly refer to this guide for detailed instructions.
  • Receiving address: Ensure the accurate entry of the receiving address to prevent any potential loss of assets.
  • Amount: The amount to send must not exceed the available balance.
  • Tentative transaction fees: Choose from four options for transaction speed — low, average, high, and custom. Keep in mind that faster transaction speeds come with higher fees.

After you click “Send”​, Cobo will assess the transaction based on your organization’s pre-configured risk control rules. For example, if the rules require separate reviews by a spender and an approver, the transaction will only be broadcasted on-chain once both reviews are successfully completed.

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