What is Cobo Guard and why should I use it for Cobo MPC Lite?

Developed by Cobo, Cobo Guard is a transaction approval and MPC key-share management application. It is meticulously designed to assist clients in securely storing their MPC-key shares and effortlessly authorizing transactions anytime, anywhere. The Cobo Guard mobile app allows you to:

  • Secure your MPC key-share: Cobo Guard leverages cutting-edge security technologies to ensure that each MPC key-share is stored and used in a secure, trusted environment.
  • Authorize transactions on-the-go: Clients can approve or decline transactions right from the convenience of your mobile device, whether it is for sending/receiving cryptocurrencies or interacting with smart contracts.
  • Manage your assets anytime, anywhere: Stay in control of your assets and access real-time information about your accounts, wherever you may be.
  • Collaborate with team members: Authorized team member(s) can use their Cobo Guard to approve/decline transactions on behalf of the owner, making team collaboration more efficient and flexible.
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